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Soon I’ll have that little mermaid, and the ocean will be mine!


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I have seen the face of God



Happy Birthday to The Sassy Sisters! 

Today it’s officially one year since I started my magical girl series, The Sassy Sisters! ; //// ; so to celebrate I decided to remake the first drawing I ever made of a sassy sister and the first drawing I ever made of Minnie Dei! oh my gosh I love seeing how both my art style and Minnie herself has changed over the course of this year ; __ ; 

Thank you all so, so much for being the most lovely fans, followers and people ever! I appreciate your support to no end and I hope you’re not sick of my sassy sisters just yet, they’re far from tired of you all! <3

THANK YOUUU ; ///// ; <3 

(shes transparent)

Tom and Jerry: Springtime for Thomas (1946)

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